The Thing About Summer



The Earth is engulfed in heat

Summer’s beauty, all I need

Sunkissed skin glowing


Poetry | Just A Season

Can’t keep focusing on what could have been
Gotta keep pushing forward like a gust of wind
Though my heart is heavy, it is what’s best
The troubles and worries are put to rest
The present is a gift that’s not guaranteed
You’ve got to make the best of life as it is
Not on a fantasy of what you think it should be
I started making my dreams into plans
Then reality set in
To whom I left behind
I’m sorry; I can never see you again
You couldn’t keep going
Our season has been met
I understand the flame is gone
Now onto the future with my plans
The lessons you taught will not be taken in vain
But like an old teddy bear
We eventually have to let go
Even when it is hard to be alone


Poetry | I’m Trying


That’s all I ever do.

To please,

To live,

To survive,

To not cry.


It makes my soul ache.

Who am I?

Whatever I decide that day.

Maybe the truth,

Maybe a lie.

Who are you to judge?

Can’t you see the thorn in your own eye?

Let he without sin cast the first stone.

That’s what I thought;

You know you are wrong.

But let me not trickle down because

What I think is we’re all doing the best we can.


So tiresome,


But you have to try before it’s too late.

Before you enter the Kingdom or the gate of Hades.

You have to decide.


For love in all the wrong places.

Finding love in the right place,

But the wrong time.

For comfort,

No drug can cure,

No abuse can stop me from


To make things right.

To make peace before sunlight.


To get up every day with a smile on my face.

It’s HARD.

I’m in PAIN.



Let me rot away.

I’m NO addict and have NEVER abused in my life.


All you can see is nappy hair,

Wrinkled clothing,

A deathly stare.


What you don’t know is

There’s more to me than what you THINK you see.

Your eyes will never meet because your self-absorption is way too deep;

Don’t get paralyzed by your own deceit.

It’s mental health,

It’s me


Stop the JUDGMENT.

Stop the HATE.

Before trying turns into tried.

Just appreciate,


Again, there is so much more to me than what meets the eye.

I’m trying.

Every day.

The only thing I have is joy.

And I sure as HELL won’t let ANY OF YOU take that away.



Poetry | The Road Trip

(This is my attempt at a metaphoric poem and I’ll give you some hints. Road trip equals life. The car and flying equals two different types of love)

Let’s take a road trip baby
Just you and I
Will we drive or will we fly high into the sky?
Sure the road may be bumpy
And the sky has a pretty view,
But nothing matters as long as I’m with you
Even when it seems at times I get a little blue

Flying may seem like the easier route
But we could die if it fizzles out.
It’s all smooth sailing until turbulence knocks us all the way down
And the crash from the flight destroys us without a heavenly sound

So let’s take a drive just you and I
We’re much safer on the ground
Sure there will be detours, scary routes and maybe a rusty sound
But as long as we’re together, nothing should break our car down
Because just like a child it’ll take a village
So don’t worry baby
We’ll be safe and sound

Remind me when I’m discouraged this car was built to last
We’ve kept it up so well that it can withstand any crash
Classic with its black stripes and its red hue
The gas we put into it will make it run like it’s forever new

Don’t mind the mileage
This road trip will never end
So baby just grab the keys and kiss me while you’re still in
This car will take us places on this road trip that you’ll never believe
You’ve just gotta continue to trust and then it will be


Poetry | Faith

Follow you for the rest of my life

All of your grace and mercy

In time I get weary, but you’re there to comfort me

Thank you for the many blessings

He has hung, bleed, died and risen for a sinner like me


Poetry | Loneliness

You creep in by my side like a monster in the night.
Quietly, unexpected, and completely scary.
I feel as though it’s me against the world, against you when you’re around.
I tell you to leave, but you keep coming back for me.
I want to make it end, but Christ tells me he’s my best friend.
I put it all away, but not completely in case of a rainy day.
You’re not as easy to block like a text or a Facebook page.
Why have you come and why do you stay?
Don’t you see you don’t belong here?
Peace, tell him he doesn’t belong here!
I can’t do it alone here.
Yous used to be closer to me than a lover, but your departure is granted.
I’m no longer dependent, no longer tricked, no longer tainted by your love.
So why don’t you just quit?
I hate you more than my worst enemy loneliness.
Yet you don’t seem to get this.
Pack your bags as I take away your keys to my heart, my mind, my soul & give it to peace.
I offered my life to you and did you appreciate it?
No, because you’re a fool who can’t see value in me.
So I changed my way of thinking.
I give it to Christ.
All my burdens.
My soul, my heart, my mind belongs to the Lord of Lords.
Salvation is in order.
Redemption from you, loneliness is where I want and ought to be.
Leave me alone; get away from me!
I am strengthening my bond with Christ as our bond weakens
I am set free.


Poetry | Dear Little Girl

Dear little girl

Dry your eyes

Dear little girl

Everything will be alright

Dear little girl

You are loved and cared for

Dear little girl

Believe in yourself more

Dear little girl

You have nothing to prove

Dear little girl

Continue to be uniquely you

Poetry | Time Travel

Time travel isn’t supposed to be possible
Yet I’m soaring through clouds and space
The memories will always be there
And let’s not forget the mistakes
I can’t let that stop me so I don’t travel far
But wherever I need to be LORD
Is right where you are


Poetry| Through the Rain

I have questions.

Why when it rains does it pour?

Why does my heartache yet I’m full of joy?

I don’t understand the circumstances

But still, I will follow you and obey your commands

Though I’m undeserving,

You show me grace and mercy

So I will continue to praise you LORD.